If You Ask Me ....

These pages contain brief essays written by Thomas R. Borden of Waugh, Alabama. Your comments, challenges, curses and benedictions are welcome. Send Tom an email.

A Conversation With God

The reader should understand that my image of God is that of a pleasant-faced middle-aged matron, very much like my Aunt Peggy.

For They Shall Inherit

She was one of those rare individuals that seemed to be more highly evolved than the rest of us. In an earlier age she would have been called a saint - or maybe a witch, depending on who she had last crossed paths with.

A Reason To Hope

Their relationship would have been impossible, unthinkable, at the University of Alabama in 1964. Now, they are not even an oddity.


Credo in unum Deum, Patrem omnipoténtem, - "I believe in one God, father almighty." The people in the church repeat this every Sunday. What are they thinking when they say it?

Magnolias and Frog Song

As the nights get warmer, the amphibian libido gets more active, and the after-dark sing-alongs that accompany courtship can be really impressive for their volume and variety.

Town Council Prayer

The conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court has once again played into the hands of the misguided zealots that would have their brand of Christianity be established as the governing authority in the United States.

War? What War?

The truth is that the birth of Jesus is not "the reason for the season", as preachers would have us believe. What we refer to as the Christ Mass is in fact a time-honored secular celebration...


No, I don't believe that religion in and of itself is poisonous; but I do believe that any actions that seek to impose religion on others should be considered a criminal act of social violence, and prosecuted as such.

Summertime Down South

You know high summer has arrived when the sun-heated air is a solid force, with mass and substance that pushes back against you as you walk through it.

The Class of 1960

One day last week, an article in the paper on local graduation exercises reminded me that the 52nd anniversary of my own graduation from Robert E. Lee High School in Montgomery had recently passed without notice or fanfare.


God, please bless these two boys. They are gentle and loving now, help them to stay that way as they get older. See that they grow into men who will be confident enough in their own worth to respect the worth of all around them.

The Check Is In The Mail

By any reasonable measure, we're leaving a very unappealing future for the generations that come after us. Unless we change our ways, and do it pretty quickly, our great-grandchildren will have ample justification to curse our lack of attention to the most pressing problems of our time, and of theirs.

An Inaugural Prayer

Just in case you missed it, On November 4, we elected this skinny mixed-race young man with enormous ears and even more enormous intelligence as President of these United States. He's a good man, with immense talents, but the tasks ahead of him seem overwhelming.

We've Been This Way Before

As we grapple with this inevitable social change, it may help to remember that our parents' generation dealt with a very similar situation when we were children. Then, the issue was inter-racial marriage.